I have recently started to do color studies when I am not able to paint.  I will do them digitally on my computer or my phone. I have been sick with a cold this weekend, so I made a few of these today. A couple of them over the past week. Excited to get back to the studio now and see how I can use these in my paintings. My favorites are the top two. 

Little Things

Honored to be a part of Little Things Mean a Lot at Swan Coach House Gallery. The show is open November 12 - January 6, 2016. If you are in the Atlanta area, visit the Gallery and eat an amazing meal at the Swan Coach House Restaurant.  

Little Things Mean a Lot, now in its 16th year, is the Swan Coach House Gallery's most popular and eagerly anticipated show. It began in 2000 as a Small Sketches show to feature Atlanta area artist's work executed in an affordable price range. It was then expanded to include artists working in a variety of mediums, all of whom enjoy the challenge of working small.